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Next event will be The traditional Danish "Julefrokost" will be celebrated on December the 16th . All members will be informed more...


We are here to make existing as well as new Indians feel at home and promote integration with the Danish society

The Indian Community of South Denmark (ICSD) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bring Indians, and those with an interest in India, together to celebrate Indian culture and to foster fellowship.  ICSD helps its members, whom include Indian exchange students at local universities and short-term skilled visitors from India, with their integration into Danish society.  ICSD is the brainchild of Business Kolding. 

ICSD was formally launched in 2008.  Since its inception, ICSD has grown in membership and ideas.  ICSD now hosts monthly meetings, organizes events to celebrate Indian festivals and participates in activities sponsored by Kolding Kommune including Kolding Kulturnat and Geografisk Havens Lysfest.

ICSD’s vision and mission includes:
  • creating a sense of home for the Indian diaspora in Southern Denmark  and encouraging its integration in Danish society;
  • contributing to the community through a variety of social, cultural, professional and recreational programs;
  • promoting the awareness and understanding of an emerging Indo-Danish identity while maintaining a bridge to India.
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